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BiographyDr. Knetzger is a 29-year veteran (retired) street cop and front-line leader in “Titletown, USA” - Green Bay, Wisconsin. Dr. Knetzger is also a doctoral level educator, trainer, author, and speaker who has trained law enforcement officers throughout Wisconsin and nationally. Dr. Knetzger is a criminal justice subject matter expert with a research focus on video recorded use-of-force, leadership, conflict communications, and resiliency. Dr. Knetzger was the first to carry out an exploratory study with Wisconsin police managers about the management of video recorded UOF to determine objective reasonableness. Dr. Knetzger's courses integrate evidence-based practices to help improve law enforcement outcomes for agencies and the communities they serve. Dr. Knetzger also delivers courses on leadership and conflict communications skills to the private and public sector.In addition, Dr. Knetzger is an adjunct faculty instructor in the doctoral program at Colorado Technical University (CTU) - Colorado Springs (CO), and teaches within the criminal justice program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical (NWTC) - Green Bay (WI). In 2019, Dr. Knetzger received the "J. Edgar Hoover Memorial Award" from the American Police Hall of Fame in Titusville, Florida. The award is given to law enforcement officers who seek and complete additional training and education to gain new skills in criminal justice and are dedicated to helping others.Subject Matter Expert WorkDr. Knetzger is a criminal justice subject matter expert (SME) and has written, evaluated, or revised more than 30 traditional, online, and hybrid courses for colleges and universities. Some courses include:-- Constitutional Law
-- Introduction to Law Enforcement
-- Communications Strategies for CJ Professionals
-- Criminal Investigation
-- Criminal Procedure
-- Ethics for Criminal Justice
-- Community Policing
A comprehensive list of Dr. Knetzger's SME work is contained within his vitae, which is available upon request.Custom CoursesInvestigating & Interpreting Video Recorded Use-of-Force Incidents
This unique 8-hour course provides law enforcement officers, trainers, and managers with the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities to properly interpret and explain video-recorded UOF incidents.
Conflict Communications (For Law Enforcement)
This course examines the relationship of law enforcement officer mindset, training, tactics, and experience, and the impact upon their conflict communications skills. Supported by contemporary human factors research, attendees will acquire advanced knowledge to enhance their conflict and cross-cultural communications skills, which can increase officer safety, improve police-community interactions, and promote de-escalation. This course is more than a “communications skills” course and examines communications from a visual, verbal, mental, and tactical perspective.
Conflict Communications (For Private Sector Protectors)
The course examines situational awareness and communications skills for civilians and provides them with conflict communications skills to help resolve conflict. Attendees will also learn practical skills to de-escalate self and others. Skills learned can help reduce conflict internally and externally, which can improve the work environment and customer perceptions of the organization.
The Resilient Professional Protector
This one-day seminar examines the law enforcement response to conflict, violence, and victimization, along with proactive coping and resilience strategies related to trauma. Best practices related to grief recovery, police officer support, and resiliency will also be discussed. The power of a law enforcement officer’s oath and how ethical protector principals drive communications skills and use of force decisions are also examined.
Tactical Leadership
Successful leadership must be tactical, tactile, and timely (TTT). Dr. Knetzger's tactical leadership course draws upon nearly 30-years of law enforcement experience, leading officers through critical incidents, managing personal and professional trauma, empirical research, and powerful narratives to equip contemporary leaders with knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed in the public or private sector. Attendees will learn practical leadership skills that can empower self, those in their charge, and all others. Effective leaders promote cultures of care, desire to help those in their charge become the best image of themselves, and recognize that their title or position is not about them. For leaders who want to become better, this course is for you.
To schedule a course or learn more about them, please contact Dr. Knetzger directly via the email link below.


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Training, consulting, & expert witness services.

Public & Private Sector Trainer
Dr. Knetzger has taught public and private sector groups and organizations to reduce conflict with effective communications skills, empower others with tactical leadership principles, and ethical protector principles to support cultures of care and inspire action.
Clients Include
-- Wisconsin Public Service
-- Green Bay Packers Football Club
-- Seymour (WI) Police Department
-- Milwaukee (WI) Police Association
-- Gillett (WI) Police Department
-- Prometric LLC (Baltimore, MD)
-- Rennes Health & Rehab Center, De Pere, WI
-- Northland Lutheran Retirement Community, Marinette, WI
A comprehensive list of public and private entities trained is contained with Dr. Knetzger's Vitae, which is available upon request.Consulting & Expert Witness Work
Dr. Knetzger offers consulting services related to law enforcement staffing, policy and procedure development or analysis, and independent review of law enforcement use of force. Dr. Knetzger has also testified as an expert witness or provided expert opinions in the areas of:
-- Crisis Intervention
-- Standard Field Sobriety Testing
-- Law enforcement use of force
-- Communications skills
Dr. Knetzger's Contact Information[email protected] or [email protected]LinkedIn profile: click hereResume or Vitae available upon request